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Million of online games are arriving day by day and youth are obsessed with many games. Today one of the top trending games is Covet Fashion. It is the best one for casual play, and you will get many new things in the game. It is based on the online fashion store and in which you can buy many new outfits for the Avatar model.

Along with your model, many of others also have for some voting tasks. The game is free, and anyone can download the game by the internet.  The player can also part of many challenges for buying new outfits for the avatar.

Earning currency is the prime object of any player, and you should concern about the currency. Various currencies are used in, but we will discuss important one in the game three types of vital currencies and all the details about types are here.

  • Diamonds
  • Tickets
  • Money


Diamonds are necessary for every player, and the currency is used for prime elements. The player can also unlock many new things. You can also add new clothes for playing well in the game. Diamonds are also helpful for purchasing other fashions items. However, to get diamonds for free, there are several legit options available online. Use these legit Covet Fashion Hacks and Cheats For Unlimited Diamonds in 2019.


Tickets are used to participate in the upcoming challenge, and you must collect much amount of currency, and everything is possible with the great number of tickets. Always use the tickets for unlocking many profitable challenges and get high profits by much amount of tickets.

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Money is firstly used in the game, and the player can quickly buy many new dresses by spending the currency. It must be required for many other important tasks, and at the beginning of the game, some amount of money you will get and all are for staring in the game.

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