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Hungry Shark Evolution is the much awaited 5th installment in the Hungry Shark series. Coming from the house of esteemed developers FGOL (Future games of London), it introduces stellar creatures and sharks to the already bustling, ferocious and active Hungry shark series.

It also includes a plethora of objects, missions and various other contents. Currently, it receives regular updates. This trend has started from January 2016. The very first point for me was that it’s one among the few free games out there in the series. The general release of the gorier hungry Shark world will succeed it.

This one’s a fascinating aquatic adventure. The game features an exciting and diverse range of oceanic creatures, varied types of currencies and huge range of treasures and valuables to be discerned.

As you progress through different levels of the Evolution, you’ll unlock different new sharks, encounter even more wonderful and weird creatures and also fight one boss. The fact that it has so many characters, settings and visuals got me through.

There are countless playable sharks in the groove. Each one is assigned a specific mission set, which provides a throng of rewards upon completion. You’ve mission shells lying scattered all over the playing map. You need to discover them before you complete any mission.

Of course, you can get an unlimited supply of rewards, the coins and sharks with the new hungry shark evolution hack. I found that to be absolutely free, safe and effective.

Now, in the original game, once you complete your 8-man missions, you’ll have to unlock a super mission for the concerned shark. The interesting thing for me was that this mission didn’t have a shell! You also have other items in the game, which are equipment accessories like assistant sharks and immobilizing gear. They swim by the main shark’s side.

You can find sunken treasures through the map. This rewards you with a small amount of coins when you complete one round or when one playable shark perishes. If you’re using the online tool, then you have numerous such coins at your disposal.

In addition to the playing mode, you also have other menus. One of the most noteworthy ones in this regard is the Evolve menu, which enables you to check up on the sharks, rather your sharks and also track their inception and growth. The fact that you can also see statistics of strength and impact of bite, speed of boosting and its capacity along with other items was really good for me.

I found this new inclusion to be specially devised as it gave a finer edge to the game-play. You can also buy new sharks in the main Evolve menu and know and learn about each and every shark involved in the game.

Accessory shop is another menu in the game. You can buy accessories here; learn about maps, accessories and baby sharks alongside toggles, equipments and unequipped accessories for playing. You can only access this accessory shop by selecting a shark. You can also initiate different gameplay sessions in the shop. Concisely, it’s a gripping adventure for all who love to be part of the sea-world.

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