How To Generate More Currencies In Avakin Life Game? Top 2 Ways

Desire to become a pro player in Avakin Life Game? Are you aware of useful ways to earn more currency? If no, then paying some attention to this article will help you a lot as here we discuss such valuable ideas.

It helps a user to play the game smoothly, enjoy every moment, reduce mental stress, and becoming a pro player. Before we jump to effective ways, let’s discuss some about Avakin Life Game.

It is a type of virtual world game where every player needs to perform tasks like as real life. There are some avatars available in-game which plays the role of virtual people.

One can choose their favorite avatar and can dress up them in order to make the best personality among other players.

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There are two types of currencies used in a game form, which almost all the tasks can be performed: –

  • Gems and Avacoins

Avacoins are considered as the premium currency of the game, whereas gems are considered as the primary currency of the game. To collect these currencies in sufficient amount helps a user to buy: –

  • Latest outfits of avatar
  • Accessories for home
  • Decoration material
  • Desi’ser’s
  • General items and other significant things.

Watch free ads

An option blows up during the running level of watch ads. Try to grab the opportunity of watching free ads as from this one can freely achieve both currencies. All the ads run during the range between 50-60 seconds maximum, so there is no need to get frustrated. Watching ads is a great and legit avakin life hack.

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Connect with Facebook

Connecting the game account with Facebook permits a user to perform the task like: –

  1. Invite your friends to play the game
  2. Give them a referral code
  3. To earn more currencies.

When your friends join the game, it helps you to earn a certain number of gems and Avacoins.

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