Creative Destruction Beginner’s Guide – Enjoys More!

Gameplay Guide to Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is a brand new sandbox survival game as well as Battle Royale game comes up with more exciting shooting missions.

Every player in the game needs to survive longer by shooting all other opponents. Well, the game is made for both iOS as well as Android platforms.

A group of hundred players is transported in a plane, flying bus or a jet over a specific island. Each player needs to survive by killing other online gamers and need to stay in a safe zone.

You need to stay focus on the battlefield and need to find the enemies as a single mistake can kill you. Search more houses besides buildings to equip weapons.

The area of survival is known as a safe zone which gets smaller and smaller after you progress in the game. Collecting guns and durability is the primary key of the Creative Destruction game.

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The Game Modes

Different game modes are available in the game which offers more enjoyment to gamers.

1.      Classic

Classic more is considered in regular game mode. Players can either play solo, duo or with a mighty five people squad. Playing in a duo or squad mode helps you to complete the level faster. Teammates are able to revive each other when they get knockdown.

2.      Defeat the captain

The players are divided into two major groups- red and blue. Such players are selected as a captain. Your objective in the game is to kill different captains before they kill you.

Weapons and items

Different items and weapons are added in the game which you can find at various locations. You need to find all weapons faster for killing different enemies.

Each gun contains different colors of rarity. Higher rarity means the weapons are stronger beside, on the other hand; lower rarity weapons is less intense.

Finding weapons, according to rarity, may help users to enhance their performance as well as chances of winning. Different types of weapons are listed below-

  • Pistols
  • Shotguns
  • Rifles
  • Submachine guns
  • Sniper
  • Special weapons
  • Throwables

Play often

If you really want to progress in the game faster or need to enjoy more then try to play more than four times a day.

Such creative destruction hacks helps you to understand all basic controls, how to defeat all opponents, game system and functions.

Overall it permits all the users to understand entire game settings besides enjoying endless entertainment.


Not all the time’s weapons matter a lot because sometimes player’s skills of playing also matter. Either you have low rarity gun to kill enemies try to make a headshot within the safe zone.

So don’t think you have high rarity weapon and you can kill all enemies quickly as sometimes performance beside skills also matters.


We can easily conclude that those players who are seeking more fun in battle Royale games should try Creative Destruction game once.

It helps them to reduce all their mental stress in a short time and to enjoy every moment.

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