3 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Plants Vs. Zombies 2!


Plants vs. Zombies 2 is a kind of battle game where every user needs to protect their brains from zombies. One can use different types of plants to kill the zombies for preserving the house and brains.

The game comes with advanced features/ 3d graphics for providing lots of enjoyment to its users. It permits all the users to unlock unlimited fun in addition to reduce all mental stress.

One can play the game on both iOS and Android devices without spending any cent. Yes, you heard it right; there is no need to spend real currency to enjoy the game. Here are several plants vs zombies 2 cheats for you to consider.

Here we discuss some interesting facts that you need to know which helps to enjoy every moment.

  • Use the sunflowers

Sunflowers are not used to kill the zombies, but it helps to gain more and more sun juice. Sun juice is essential for upgrading all plants.

Upgrading each plant increases the power and skills to complete the level quickly also to protect the brains. In other words, sun juice is essential for enhancing each and every tool to win the level besides becoming a pro player.

  • Try to learn the zombies’ path

When one becomes fails to pass the level, he/she is recommended to learn zombies’ way and attacks. It permits all the users to win the replay level quickly without getting frustrated or annoying.

When he/she replay the standard, they will find the same path and attacks of zombies to eat the brain. So, one can quickly learn the way to kill all the enemies.

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  • Use the power of the potato

It is a confusion for some players that how a potato can kill the enemies or how it is useful. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you how to use potatoes.

There is not a great answer to this as just you need to throw the potatoes towards zombies and they will eat the potatoes slowly. It’ll provide more time to you to upgrade the plants and kill the zombies.

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