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      National Customer Service Hotline:400-999-9979
      Wenzhou Nuomeng Technology Co.ltd.

      Producing experience:>15 years                Production space:6OOO sq.m.
      Employee: 120 people                               Capacity: 10O0 million/M
      Production lead time:5-40 work days          OEM/ODM in USA, Europe...
      Production control&planning with ERP system

      Sanitary Pumps                     Sanitary Valves                    Sanitary Pipe fttings
      Sanitary Strainer                   Sanitary Sight Glass             Sanitary Cleaning Ball
      Sanitary Manhole Cover        Flange                                  Tube
      Application: food, beer, beverage, dairy, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industries.

      Wenzhou Nuomeng Technology Co.ltd.

      Stable Quality Control
      Systematically define every key design criteria in each process of the manufacturing
      Pilot run executed for each item to ensure trouble free mass production
      Engineers identifying operation process and maintaining quality standards
      Standards sample for production process and quality inspection reference
      Standard operation process for each single item
      Standard loss:+0.O5mm tolerance control
      Strict IQC (Incoming Quality Control) for all material purchased to guarantee metal hazardous free
      Layer Analysis Report attached to each lot of plating and tube
      Products manufactured pass rate:99.99%

      about nuomeng
      "NUOMENG"Brand,highy valved from Customer all over the world.We are one of the biggest supplier who manufacture spare parts for pharmaceutical and biological equipment.
      Professional R&D,design,production,sales for ASME-BPE products like Valv ,Aspetic diaphragm valve,Aseptic tank bottom valve,Aseptic mix-proof valve,Aspetic sample valve and so on. We can also provide special products as the customers' requirement.
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